Body Wraps

Advanced Facials

Facial radiofrequency

A deep warming, which results in a series of reactions that favor formation of new collagen, making an immediate tightening effect.Firms the skin and hides fine lines, defines your silhouette and gives your skin firmness you need• get firm areas as buttocks and breasts and other body parts.It is a painless and provides immediate results.


This treatment involves the application of intense pulsed light on wrinkles and expression lines, stimulating and encouraging healing and regeneration of the skin.

It is one of the most modern treatments to recover the natural beauty of the skin, improving the visible signs of aging skin, providing better texture and luminosity.

• It is painless and requires no recovery period.

The results are observed after several hours a day.



Blemish Treatment

The E-Light technology enables us to reduce stains caused by the sun, age, pregnancy, and some medications.

The beam acts on the exces of melanin (the cause of the stains appear) destroying the pigment, causing the skin to become more smooth and uniform.

• The most common areas are the face, hands, arms and neck. Although it can be applied elsewhere in the body



Anti Acne Treatment

The rejuvenation treatment achieves an immediate effect, improves the quality of the skin

The E-Light technology is based on applying a light pulse that helps stimulation of new collagen and elastine , providing elasticity and texture.

It is suitable for all kinds of people interested in improving the quality of the skin, also preventing skin aging.

• Applies on  the face, neck, chest and hands.

• visible results are obtained from the first session.



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