An important part of the attractive look of every woman is well-groomed hands and, surely, nails.
Among the large list of services for nail care and hand skin in Mia Spa, you can choose a hardware manicure.
The main tool for this procedure is special grinding machine with a large number of conductors – milling cutters. All conductors are selected individually depending on the condition and structure of the client’s skin. This is necessary in order not to break the skin, exclude the possibility of injury. Thanks to the professional selection and use of conductors (cutters) by our specialist, we guarantee the quality and safety of the apparatus manicure.

Is the hardware manicure safe for health?
In Mia Spa while carrying out all the procedures we use single-use expandable materials. There are a variety of gloves and respirators for masters, disinfectant liquid for skin, furniture and rooms – all this will provide best protection both customers and employees of the salon.
In all cases the masters of Mia Spa put an antiseptic on the client`s skin before the any kind of manicure. We also carefully perform pre-sterilizing and sterilizing cleaning of instruments, milling cutters and working surfaces with the help of the necessary disinfecting solutions and it guarantees our clients complete safety for health.

Hardware manicure

(Russian manicure).


Hardware manicure - 14.00 Usd
Hardware pedicure - 17.00 Usd
+Gelish - 10.00 Usd
+Gel Nails - 20.00 Usa
+Designs - extra charge

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