Cavitation or liposuction without surgery is the latest procedure  to remove the  fat and cellulite, it is characterized in  breaking  fat  structures localized in the body.


The goal is to bring  the destruction of the fat, so you get the transformation of fat into a liquid substance and remove it  using urinary tract.



One of the most efficient ways to fight cellulite or orange peel. The treatment  is applied with an external suction sophisticated technique that increases blood flow shaping and restoring the skin elastic fibers, thus improving the appearance of the skin.


Increases the flexibility of the skin, releasing the poisonous flow and stimulates




It is the technique that involves the application of energy through the surface of the derma, causing a deep heating, which results in a series of reactions that favor formation of new collagen, making an immediate tightening effect.


Firms  the skin and hides fine lines, define your silhouette and gives the strength you need.







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