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Tratamientos Faciales 

Promotional Packages

Day Spa

MIA Massage

90 ́ $1800 mx Couple $3400 mx

It's a ideal mix of techniques for complete muscle relaxation, it includes Deep Tissue Back Massage+ Swedish massage / reflexology / Scalp and Face Massage  /Aromatherapy / Tea  or Wine / Chocolates


2 Hr $1800 mx Couple $3400 mx

Package includes Massage / Facial  Basic / Massage Facial / tea with chocolates  / Collagen Cream / Aromatherapy

Pamper Yourself

2 Hr $2000 Couple $3800

Package includes Massage / Body Exfoliation / Chocolate Body Wrap

(Chocolatherapy)/Cream corporal / Tea with Chocolates  / Aromatherapy

Spa Day

3 Hr $3600 mx Couple $6600mx

Package includes Massage / Facial  Basic / Body Exfoliation / Chocolate Body Wrap (Chocolatherapy) / Foot Massage/Face and Head massage /Corporal cream

/ Refining Hand Mask / Moisturizing Foot Mask / Tea or White wine with chocolates / Aromatherapy

Couples Massage

60 $1800 mx 90 $2800 mx

Package includes Massage for two

+Deep Tissue

+ $100mx per person




60' $1000 mx 90' $1500 mx

Swedish massage is based on the combination of five basic pases which produce the effects of removing accumulated tension in muscles, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and thus improving tissue oxygenation. That produces muscle relaxation efficiency and provides psychological well-being and stress reduction.

Deep Tissue

60' $1100 mx 90' $1600 mx

This massage gets focused primarily to reduce muscle tension in the neck and spine, resulting from stress or poor posture.


30' $600mx

It is an innovative massage that let you activate blood circulation, cold  resistance imposed to leave the body reaffirmed.


60' $1000 mx 90' $1500 mx

The massage provides a relaxing feeling and ease tension, activates blood circulation to dissipate and increase the level of oxygen in the tissues.


60' $1100mx

It is a technique of massage therapy that is included in the field of physiotherapy and techniques of therapeutic massage that targets the "activation function" of superficial lymph system to improve the removal of interstitial fluid an large molecules and facilitate their evacuation.

Hot Stone

80' $1900mx

The hot stone massage ormgeothermal therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones on the skin at different temperatures to facilitate vital energy flow and relieve physical and  emotional disorders.

Pregnancy Massage 

60' $1100mx

The hot stone massage ormgeothermal therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with the application of stones on the skin at different temperatures to facilitate vital energy flow and relieve physical and  emotional disorders.



These are the treatments with multiple benefits, because by cleaning facial purifies and balances the face skin, achieving luminosity and a smooth and soft skin. It is recommended to remove pimples, blackheads, fats and toxins from the skin.


45' $800 mx

Cleansing Srub and Mask /  Moisturizing Cream / Eye cream 


60´$1100 mx

Ozono / Vapor / Cleansing / Srub and Mask / Skin scrubber/ Moisturizing Cream/ Eye cream


60´-80 $1500 mx

Ozono / Vapor / Cleansing / Srub and Mask / Skin scrubber / Facial Vaccum (Microdermabrasion) / Deep Cleaning (Extraction) / Lifting cream/ High frequency


90´$2000 mx

RadioFrequency / Ozono / Vapor / Cleansing / Srub / Skin scrubber gold/Collagen cream / Mask gold 24k / Face Massage

Body Wraps


Chocolate Therapy

60' $1100 mx

The chocolate is an ingredient with energizing, moisturizing and revitalizing properties. Chocolate therapy is a treatment that hydrates and nourishes the skin while acting as anticelulitic and draining measure. 

It gives a greater elasticity to the skin. Acts as stress reduction.  

Size Reduction

Spa Day


30 $800mx
6 secciones $4000 mx

12 secciones $8000mx

Cavitation or liposuction without surgery is the latest procedure to remove the fat and cellulite, it is characterized in breaking fat structures localized in the body.

The goal is to bring the destruction of the fat, so you get the transformation of fat into a liquid substance and remove it using urinary tract. 


30 $800mx
6 secciones $4000mx
12 secciones $8000mx

One of the most efficient ways to fight cellulite or orange peel. The treatment is applied with an external suction sophisticated technique that increases blood flow shaping and restoring the skin elastic fibers, thus improving the appearance of the skin.

Increases the flexibility of the skin, releasing the poisonous flow and stimulates. 


30' $800mx
6 seccione $4000mx
12 sesiones $8000

It is the technique that involves the application of energy through the surface of the derma, causing a deep heating, which results in a series of reactions that favor formation of new collagen, making an immediate tightening effect  

Firms the skin and hides fine lines, define your silhouette and gives the strength you need.

Hair Removal


Hair removal

$ According to zone

It is a treatment by which we eliminate the unwanted hair based on the application of intense pulsed light and radio waves.

95% of the hair is removed and the remaining is therefore sparse and thin.

You can treat most areas of the body. Except the areas close to the eyes and tattooed areas. 

 The number of sessions varies according to each person. Usually 6-12 sessions


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